Release Notes - Openfire - Version 3.9.0 - HTML format


  • [OF-496] - Received fatal alert: bad_record_mac
  • [OF-676] - Pressing on workgroup in Fastpath causes an exception
  • [OF-677] - Monitoring Plugin - "Null" reappearing in Archive for Message Body
  • [OF-678] - Monitoring Plugin - Ever expanding Index
  • [OF-680] - Packet Filter Plugin does not allow creation of wildcard rules
  • [OF-718] - Fix Debian initscript to support more JAVA_HOME paths
  • [OF-719] - Userservice plugin leaves user roster items in DB when user is deleted

New Feature

  • [OF-681] - Add ability to search plugin to be able to restrict searching for users to only the group a user is in
  • [OF-716] - Add Jitsi Videobridge plugin to Openfire plugins


  • [OF-698] - Bump version on all bundled openfire plugins, bump min version due to distributing java6 binaries now


  • [OF-654] - Openfire failes to create tables on MySQL 5.6
  • [OF-679] - Packet Filter - Add option for "All Groups" and auto creation of rules based on Openfire Group Settings
  • [OF-700] - Add a method to refresh a MUC room
  • [OF-701] - Better group properties handling
  • [OF-703] - UserService Plugin - Auto-create shared groups if not existing
  • [OF-704] - Make LDAP connection timeout configurable

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