Release Notes - Smack - Version 4.3.0 - HTML format


  • [SMACK-759] - PubSubManager.getLeafNode() throws PubSubAssertionError.DiscoInfoNodeAssertionError if node exists but its not a PubSub Node
  • [SMACK-814] - NPE when using Node.getAffiliationsAsOwner()
  • [SMACK-815] - XEP-0184: DeliveryReceipt requires ID, although the XEP defines it as optional attribute
  • [SMACK-818] - EntityCapsManager sends presences with multiple CapsExtension causing disco#info lookup to fail
  • [SMACK-819] - ConcurrentModification Exception in
  • [SMACK-820] - DNSUtil.setDaneProvider() does not set the DANE provider


  • [SMACK-769] - Rename XMPPError to StanzaError
  • [SMACK-776] - Remove deprecated reconnection callbacks in ConnectionListener


  • [SMACK-761] - Adopt ChatStateManager to new Chat API (chat2)
  • [SMACK-812] - Enable ModifierOrder checkstyle check
  • [SMACK-816] - SimplePayload should infer the XML element name and namespace

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